Faster processor, new colors and upgraded design. Leaks about the iPhone 15 version

Tech giant Apple is expected to unveil the new generation of iPhones in September. Although it has not been officially announced, the leaked information so far provides insights into the future.

The “Smart Life” program 9/8/2023 followed some expectations that indicate that the company may follow a similar pattern to last year’s lineup, especially as Apple’s date for the launch of the 15th series of the iPhone is approaching.

The price of the cheapest phone of the new models is expected to reach $ 1099, as it is said that this year’s series consists of 4 models, and while Apple is expected to maintain its designs for this year, some leaks suggest that it will come thinner than its predecessors.

A frame made of matte titanium instead of stainless steel will also be used to protect the body while reducing the weight of the device, in addition to two new body colors, blue and red.

The iPhone 15 is expected to abandon the top slit in favor of greater screen coverage using so-called “low injection pressure compound forming,” which is supposed to reduce the size of limits and appendages.

also dispensed with the previously known mute button, with a general button that can be customized according to the user’s desire to perform different functions. In compliance with an earlier agreement between Apple and the European Union concluded two years ago, the company will switch to relying on a USB-C charger instead of Apple’s usual Lightning charger.

As for the cameras, while the iPhone will inherit from its predecessor a 48-megapixel rear camera, the “Pro Max” model will come with a Belsko telephoto lens that supports optical zoom up to 6 times, and we may find larger lenses that double the value of this model.

What distinguishes the two most prestigious phones in the series is their reliance on the latest Apple processor, which is expected to include the first chip manufactured according to an architecture used in a smartphone, and is the largest jump in performance and efficiency for Apple chips since 2020, because it allows more tasks to be performed simultaneously at a faster rate and 35% less power.

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